Smokey BBQ Drummies

Generously coat 12 Chicken Drumsticks in Whiteford BBQ Spice Rub refrigerate 12-24 hours.  

Over low heat mix:

Smokey BBQ Smoked Chicken Legs.jpg

½ cup butter

½ honey

¼ Boetjes Spicey Mustard

¼ Brown Sugar

1 Tbsp Whiteford Cayenne Pepper Sauce (available from Knilans’)

Let the sauce cool to room temp.  Use a generous amount natural wood charcoal in grill or smoker.  Let the fire get hot and then wait 45min-1 hour for the heat laydown to about 350 degrees. Coat the drumsticks in honey mustard sauce and place them on grill for 1-1.5 hours. Turn and baste every 15 minutes with Whiteford’s Ole 70 or Sweet and Spicy.  Keep a water spray bottle close for flare ups!

The Knilans’ Man Cave!

The Knilans’ Man Cave!

Your mother taught you better, but some meals are just meant to be eaten in front of the TV. There is just something special about Meat, Sports, and Leather Recliners. Obviously, this combo is best suited for your Man Cave. Keep the wet wipes close to mute any reaction to your seemingly reckless behavior.
— Tim, Knilans' Owner
Jessi Lane