Aunt Grace's Cookies

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  • 1 ½ cup Sugar

  • 1 cup Softened Butter

  • 2 Eggs

  • 1 cup Milk

  • 1 t. Baking Soda

  • 2 t. Baking Powder

  • 4 cups Flour

  • 1 t. Salt

  • 1 T. Vanilla

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Cream butter and sugar until fluffy. Add remaining ingredients and mix to a thick, fairly smooth batter. Drop by heaping tablespoon about 2” apart. Bake for about 12 minutes, until bottom is lightly brown. Cool on wire rack.  Makes about 3 dozen cookies.

Ice with creamy Vanilla Butter Frosting:

  • 1/3 cup Butter

  • 3 cups Confectioners’ Sugar

  • 1 ½ t. Vanilla

  • About 2 tablespoons Milk

Blend butter and sugar. Stir in vanilla and milk. Beat until frosting is smooth and of spreading consistency. Food coloring, if desired.

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We had many family gatherings when I was growing up. My Aunt Grace loved to bring desserts and this was one of my favorites. These cookies never really had a name that I can remember. All of our recipes just referred to them as ‘Aunt Graces’ Cookies’.
— Judy Schlicksup, Knilans' Designer