Meet Gabby Pauwels - Knilans' Interior Designer


Our next introduction is Gabby Pauwels, a new addition to the Knilans’ design team. Missed earlier introductions? You can meet Judy, Joan, Lori, and Nicole by clicking their names. The Knilans’ design team is looking forward to bringing you professional insight on the spaces you can create in your home.

Today, you’ll get to know Gabby, whose experience includes Kirkwood’s Interior Design program, and a study abroad experience in Australia. You can browse through the team’s design work on Knilans’ Houzz page, where Gabby’s work will be posted soon! Read on below to learn more about Gabby:

How did you get your start in Interior Design?

Growing up I watched my dad flip a house and was very intrigued by the process. Also, loving hands-on projects, I found it to be a good fit. Later on I found the Interior Design program at Kirkwood College, Cedar Rapids. During my time in school I had lots of opportunities that helped me love design more, such as studying abroad in Australia, going to site visits (during and after construction), and working for Lyons Company.

What is your goal when you work with a client?

When I don’t know a client, I want to start out by getting to know them, and learning how to help them while keeping the experience fun, without being overwhelming. When I know a client is coming in, I love to be prepared. Whether it is coming up with every possible question or even just having several options ready for them to look at. In the end, I hope my clients are happy with not only the end result, but the journey we went on together.

What is a current design trend that you love?


My top design trend right now is bringing nature inside. Using natural colors, plants, and lots of lighting gives the space a clean feeling that I personally love. Pictured is one of my international projects during school. 

If you had to pick a favorite room in your home, which would it be and why?

My favorite room in my house is the living room. This is where my family gathers and we all watch TV, play games, and have dinner. When I am in this room, I feel closer to my family, which is my favorite. Also, I was recently able to help my mom choose new paint and accessories, so it feels like a brand-new room.

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

My favorite things to do in my free time is spend time with family, friends, and travel (especially scuba diving).

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