Meet Lori Rochau - Knilans' Interior Designer

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Knilans’ dedication to quality extends to everything we do. With furniture that will last a lifetime and a talented design team, we’re been sharing that quality commitment with the Quad Cities for over 60 years. Earlier, we posted introductions to Knilans’ designers Judy and Joan, and over the next few days, you’ll meet the whole team as we launch the Knilans’ design blog. In upcoming posts, our team will be sharing the insight, ideas, and expertise you can only find at Knilans’.

Today, meet Lori Rochau, a designer who has spent the last 11 years at Knilans’. Lori’s great eye for layouts and details have been helping eastern Iowa and western Illinois residents feel right at home in beautifully-designed spaces. You can see more of Lori’s work on Knilans’ Houzz page, especially with this Calm & Collected living space, a beautiful Rustic Retreat, and this downsizing Before & After. Read on to meet Lori in her own words.

How did you get your start in interior design?

As a child, I poured over the Sears, Penney’s and Wards catalogs and pretended that I could put these drapes in our living room, or that chair in the den. Little did I know it was a career! When I started college, I thought I would follow my passion for fashion and pursue fashion merchandising. I ended up with a very versatile degree in business administration.

After marrying and moving into my own home I discovered my passion for fashion transferred to interior fashion and I spent many years helping friends and family before meeting Tim Schlicksup and being hired by Knilans’ in 2008.

What is your goal when you work with a client?

When working with a client I have multiple goals. First, I want us to have fun working together, and try to make the process enjoyable for everyone! I see my job as a facilitator and problem solver. Do we need to get more function in a space, add extra seating, update the look?

Whatever the goals are, I’m there to help. When I’m finished the client will feel like it’s their home, their style and reflects them, just with all the problems solved!


What is a current design trend you love?

I’m currently loving the herringbone floor trend. Now let me back up just a bit - it’s a look that’s been around for hundreds of years. I think I first saw one in France in a historic chateau.

Today it’s reappearing, not only in wood but also tile, in both floors and backsplashes. I love the timeless look and have just finished installing a travertine tile floor in my master bathroom using this technique.

If you had to pick a favorite room in your home, which would it be and why?

My favorite room in my own home is our formal living room. I’ve had this room painted in one shade of red or another since 1995. This room is so cozy and welcoming on a winter night, it just envelops you. We love sitting by the fireplace in the evening and plan to convert our wood burning fireplace to a gas version soon. The mantle is also one of my favorite places to decorate!

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Free time to me means time away. My husband & I lead very busy lives, so whenever possible we love to travel. We’ve been very fortunate to explore many new destinations together and return to some of our favorite places more than once.

Jessi Lane