Knilans' Spring Refresh!

Our design team relaxes in a newly-arranged space!

Our design team relaxes in a newly-arranged space!

If you’ve been to Knilans’ more than once, you know how often our designers re-arrange rooms and spaces. Our unique location, starting in the original farmhouse, and connecting to other nearby homes, has given Knilans’ a unique homelike feel. Because of that history, and our talented team of designers, we can create a space that feels lived-in, and it makes all the difference! It’s much easier to imagine a sofa when it’s in a living room, rather than a warehouse. We re-arrange the furniture often to help showcase different pieces and styles, but as the weather warmed up this year, we wanted to make some larger changes in a big Spring Refresh.

While meeting about customer connections, our design team felt that we could do more to improve the Knilans’ shopping experience. We took the opportunity to talk about the show room’s layout, colors, design, and flow. Comparing notes on what customers look for helped us identify a few ways to make changes in how we organize and design our space to make shopping at Knilans’ even better.

Knilans’ furniture offerings, from quality retailers like Stickley, have been very traditional in the past, and we certainly don’t plan to stop catering to that timeless look. However, in recent years, we’ve had more requests for the clean lines and fresh looks of transitional and contemporary styles. During our Spring Refresh, we committed to style boundaries so that you can experience contemporary styles in one area, then transitional, rustic, and traditional in others.

Ten rooms were repainted, with shades chosen by Interior Designer & Knilans’ Buyer, Judy Schlicksup. Judy’s great eye for color helped us select a hue that would complement warm and cool tones, which is essential with how often our rooms’ layouts change. The new color has really brightened each area and helps make the furniture pop!

As much as our designers have appreciated the chance to use their skills here in the store, the real focus of our Spring Refresh was to make shopping at Knilans’ an even better experience. Now, as you walk from room to room, you’ll be able to focus on the styles you love, whatever they may be. The new colors will make every room redesign brighter and bolder. And as always, each room is full of great design ideas and inspirations from our professional design team. If you haven’t stopped in for a while, we’d love to show you around the new rooms and talk about your next room redesign!

Jessi Lane